Sport Clips - Where You're The MVP

The Sport Clips Haircuts of Fort Apache MVP Haircut Experience

Sport Clips - Where You're The MVP

Nobody comes close to making an all-star just like our MVP Experience. Where else can you get a new haircut, hot towel, shampoo application and neck and shoulder treatment for men? We even let you add to your MVP Treatment to feel like the real hall-of-famer.

Precise Haircuts

When it comes to performance, you've gotta look good. Our team of Guy-Smart Stylists can do the coolest cuts for men near Fort Apache. With every MVP treatment, you get a complimentary consultation so you know precisely what you're getting. Our stylists specialize in hairstyles and trims for men and boys, so you know you'll get a championship look.

Legendary Hot Towel Treatment

Our MVPs get the hall of fame treatment with our epic steamed towel wrap. Whether you need a full shave or only a beard cleanup, the steam from our towel sooths your beard hair, giving you a close cut. Go ahead, pamper your beard.

Revitalizing Shampoo

Sport Clips uses tea tree shampoo and leave-in conditioner so you can say goodbye to damaged hair. Tea tree oil soaks into your scalp and hair, leaving it rejuvenated. This is all part of the no-fuss, professional experience at Sport Clips.

Relaxing Neck and Shoulder Treatment

For the final inning of the MVP experience, we give you a neck and shoulder massage. When you come to Sport Clips, you can expect fast, friendly service and a look you'll love. At Sport Clips, we blend some traditional haircutting staples with a modern sports bar atmosphere. Schedule a visit or stop by for a visit today.