Extra Innings at Sport Clips in Fort Apache - Las Vegas

Neck Bear Trimming near me in Las Vegas.

Looking for more time in the stylist's chair? We can stretch your pampering game into extra innings at Sport Clips. If you just gotta have some more time to put your feet up and take in the game, or your scruff is a bit too much, we have your back. Come on into Sport Clips for a no appointment beard grooming session, haircut or neck beard trim in Las Vegas, NV.

Be a Real All-Star with a Double or Triple MVP Experience

Enjoying your MVP Experience? Bring it into extra innings and turn your MVP Experience into a Double or Triple! Our Stylists know just what guys are looking for when it comes to haircuts. If the notion of ending your neck & shoulder treatment is just too much to think about, triple it up! Let our Guy Smart Stylists work out your kinks through a lengthened shoulder and neck massage.

Neck Touch Ups

Come to Sport Clips in between trims so your cut stays looking good. If you aren't quite ready for a regular haircut but need a neck trim, c'mon into Sport Clips--we'll take care of you. Sit back and relax, turn on the baseball game, and walk out with a complimentary neck trim in Las Vegas. Can you think of a more relaxing evening than that one? Yeah, we didn't think so.

Fort Apache - Las Vegas, NV Beard Detailing

Trying to get a beard trim in Las Vegas? Stop looking. Sport Clip's Guy Smart Stylists work alongside you to detail your facial hair specifically the way you like it. We can take on anything from a quick shaping to a complete detail that would make Brett Keisel envious. Our Hot Towel Wrap relaxes your hair follicles to get your beard in fighting shape so that you can get your perfect shave. We make it a point to work with products made particularly for men's facial hair and customize it to what you need, so you can get the best results. Go on, throw us a curveball, we'll nail it.