Popular Long Hairstyles for Guys in Las Vegas

Cool haircuts for men in Las Vegas.

Hockey stars have been scoring points for decades when it comes to long hair. Guys today who choose long cuts have a bunch of options for hairstyles. A men’s long haircut focuses on your hair's natural texture and lets it be the star. When you're sitting in the hot seat, you can rest assured that your Guy-Smart Stylist will get you your perfect cut. If you're hoping for a low maintenance style like a curly hair and long fringe cut or want to look like Clay Matthews's body double, Sport Clips can make it happen.

Taking care of long hair is sometimes a hassle, but not if you've got a product line like we do. Start out with a massaging wash, and then get your perfect cut. Our stylists can help you pick the perfect products to ensure your long hair remains healthy stylists There's a hair care product at Sport Clips for your hair, whether you are ok with using heat on your hair or want to stick to an easy routine. Oh yeah, and the best part? You can watch your favorite team during your cut.

Get Your Men's Long Haircut Today

Get the perfect men's long hairstyle right when you feel like it with a walk-in appointment at Sport Clips of Las Vegas – Fort Apache. Don't bother waiting around at some other salon. Walk into Sport Clips when you want, get the haircut you want and watch the game. Simple as that. You'll walk out caught up on the game and looking good. What more could a man ask for?