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Getting the right men's cut can require doing a bit of homework, whether you find what you want on the web or discuss it with your stylist. When you're deciding on a hairstyle, you've gotta take a couple things into consideration. Do you want a cut which is "wash and go" or are you cool with spending a few minutes crafting your style to be just right? There are currently lots of excellent haircuts for men out there, so there's definitely one that suits your sense of style and routine. Sport Clips can hook it up while you check out the game. Is there anything better than that?

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New men's cuts are cropping up all the time in all lengths. Discover the right style for you below:

  • Short Hairstyles -- From textured quiffs to a Caesar cut and all the cuts between the two, there have never been so many choices for men's short cuts. The stylists at Sport Clips can offer you a perfect haircut and help you discover great hair care products for your new haircut.
  • Medium Hairstyles -- Medium length guys’ cuts are coming back (but hockey stars have been wearing them for years). If you have got wavy or textured hair, check out what your Guy-Smart Stylist can do to enhance your hair's natural look.
  • Long Hairstyles -- Go on, lean into the long hair. There is an awesome haircut for you if you're ready to leave your hair long. Chat with your stylist to get as much as you can from your long hair. Have a beard also? No worries, we've got you covered.

Sport Clips is Your Walk-in Haircut Salon for Men

The second-best part of Sport Clips (the first is obviously the game) is that you can come right in the door and visit your Guy-Smart Stylist, without an appointment. So when inspiration strikes, come on into Sport Clips of Fort Apache to get the men's hairstyle you've been waiting for.

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